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TGA Galacticos 47
Home Hunt 42
1 Tanah Merah 41
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Vikings Vets 9
British Club FC 6
Italia82 3
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Phoenix United 30
Team Intense 22
Purple Monkeys Saturday FC 20
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Etoile 33
Avengers 22
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TC 28
Victoria Jomo 26
Pirates 25
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UBS United 27
Sons Of Pitches 27
Club M 22
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Grande Vista 30
Mean Machine Singapore 22
TGA Strollers 18
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Singapore Khalsa Association FC 42
Playground Rivals 38
Schwarz Star 30
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Aioli United 45
SCC Tigers 35
St Davids FC of Wales 30
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Fighting Cocks 33
British Exiles Sunday 32
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Team H Social 41
Team Spirit 38
Eastern Vale 33
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FC Soujer 44
TGA Buffalos 37
Sporting Olympique 32
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Singapore Panthers 34
Hilderinc 32
Predator 29
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Ooooglee Boys 54
Rokeby 52
Tusser Ranger 39
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Team Virus 55
Fat Uncles 47
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015
It's now 9:49 AM in Singapore
Congratulations to REAL ALE MADRID FC, Champions of ESPZEN's Veterans League Season 2!!
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Please send ESPZEN your action shots from the match and we will showcase them here. All pictures to be sent to
ESPZEN Saturday League Season 15 Registration
Start Date - JULY 2015
ESPZEN Midweek League Season 18 Registration
Start Date - AUGUST 2015
MATADOR Sunday League Season 23 Registration
Start Date - JULY 2015
ESPZEN Mini League Season 1 Registration
Start Date - On-Going
ESPZEN Women's Football League Registration
Start Date - On-Going
ESPZEN Saturday Veterans League Season 3 Registration
Start Date - June 2015
ESPZEN Friendly Games 2015 Registration
Start Date - On-Going

Latest Fixtures / Match Reports
Date ESPZEN Midweek League Season 17 Match Report Match Preview
1-Jul Hibernians Academicals FC vs DB Football Club
1-Jul Screamin Irish Football Club vs Iberians Football Club
2-Jul German All Stars Singapore FC vs Ishkawa Football Club
2-Jul RockU Football Club vs 1 Tanah Merah Football Club
Date ESPZEN Saturday Veterans League Season 3 Match Report Match Preview
27-Jun ANZA Lions Football Club 1 vs 3 British Club FC
27-Jun Vikings Vets Football Club 7 vs 1 Hibernians Legends Football Club
27-Jun British Exiles Football Club 1 vs 5 Italia82 Football Club
Date ESPZEN Saturday League Season 14 Match Report Match Preview
27-Jun Phoenix United Football Club 1 vs 1 Purple Monkeys Saturday FC
27-Jun Mariners_11 Football Club 0 vs 0 Doobs Football Club
27-Jun Team Jubilee Football Club 0 vs 3 Hiadis Football Club
27-Jun Rosso Football Club 1 vs 3 FC Hospitality
27-Jun Glee Athletic Youths Football Club 5 vs 2 H4 United Football Club
27-Jun Pirates Football Club 5 vs 4 VNPos Football Club
27-Jun Bella Calcio Football Club 1 vs 6 UBS United Football Club
27-Jun Club M Football Club 1 vs 4 Botakgang Football Club
27-Jun Oners Football Club 1 vs 2 TGA Strollers Football Club
27-Jun Mean Machine Singapore Football Club 3 vs 1 Grande Vista Football Club
27-Jun Magnifico Football Club 6 vs 3 Vintage Football Club
27-Jun Singapore Khalsa Association FC 3 vs 3 Thunderwolves Football Club
27-Jun Magista Football Club 11 vs 0 Holland Buccaneers Football Club
Date MATADOR Sunday League Season 23 Match Report Match Preview
5-Jul THAT TEAM vs Royal Phoenix Football Club
5-Jul Wan Rocker Academy vs Fighter Ground Football Club
5-Jul Midland Wolves Football Club vs FV TROTZEN Football Club
Date MATADOR Sunday League Season 22 Match Report Match Preview
28-Jun SCC Tigers Football Club 1 vs 2 Aioli United Football Club
28-Jun St Davids FC of Wales 4 vs 2 Purple Monkeys Football Club
28-Jun Central Park Football Club 1 vs 1 DHL Football Club
28-Jun The Usual Suspects Football Club 2 vs 2 Racing Football Club
28-Jun W.T.O.S Football Club 1 vs 1 Singapore Panthers Football Club
28-Jun Bangbrothers Football Club 3 vs 1 Vietnam United Football Club
28-Jun Good Old Doctors Football Club 0 vs 3 Young Patriots Football Club
28-Jun Rokeby Football Club 2 vs 3 Tusser Ranger Football Club
28-Jun FC ALYZA 8 vs 3 GFA Victoria Football Club
28-Jun Boom Football Club 0 vs 3 Fat Uncles Football Club
28-Jun El Ganadoes Football Club 3 vs 0 Riders Reloaded Football Club
Date FA Cup 2015 Qualifying Round Match Report Match Preview
28-Jun Uncaged Elephants Football Club 1 vs 3 Victoria Jomo Football Club
28-Jun ESPZEN Gogooryo Football Club vs Team Spirit Football Club
Date FA Cup 2015 Match Report Match Preview
7-Jun Aioli United Football Club 6 vs 0 Italia82 Football Club
21-Jun Sporting TGA Football Club 3 vs 3 British Exiles Sunday Football Club
21-Jun German All Stars Singapore FC 3 vs 3 SCC Tigers Football Club
21-Jun Ooooglee Boys Football Club 4 vs 1 AC United Football Club
21-Jun FC MYK 0 vs 1 Fighting Cocks Football Club
28-Jun Hibernians Social Football Club 6 vs 0 Deportivo Lions Football Club
5-Jul British Club FC vs Playground Rivals Football Club
5-Jul Singapore Khalsa Association FC vs PartizenHertha Football Club
5-Jul Rosso Football Club vs Racing Football Club
12-Jul The Usual Suspects Football Club vs VJO Football Club
19-Jul Thunderwolves Football Club vs Fat Uncles Football Club
19-Jul Team Virus Football Club vs Mean Machine Singapore Football Club
19-Jul Bangbrothers Football Club vs Hibernians Legends Football Club
26-Jul Hilderinc Football Club vs Vintage Football Club

Date Friendly Matches
5-Jul Uncaged Elephants Football Club vs Holland Park XI Football Club 3pm Serangoon Garden Sec School
28-Jun Wan Rocker Academy vs THAT TEAM FC 3pm Woodlands Sec School
28-Jun The Better Team FC vs Code Blue Team 3pm Serangoon Garden Sec School

 News Archive

 ESPZEN is the leading football organization in Singapore, with over 4,000 players under management and 180 teams. Besides running amateur football / futsal leagues, ESPZEN also manages a pool of highly experienced international coaches responsible for running ESPZEN Soccer School.

Based on demand, ESPZEN`s Internationally qualified Coaches launched a dedicated weekly training for adult football players. Note this training will not include shuttles, or running laps, it is 100% football training using Small Sided games. Some games require players to work on passing skills in competitive scenarios, while others are more tactically focused. Players will improve core skills through the sheer number of touches that each game guarantees. At the same time players will improve their  "soccer vision" - the ability to see spaces on the pitch - as each game is played in realistic game conditions.

Book Your FREE TRIAL Now!

Come down with your team mates to experience our training session at absolutely no cost. Please register yourself and team mates to attend the free trial by emailing

Pre-registration is COMPULSORY.
What is It?
Improve your soccer knowledge and football ability in a fresh new training environment.  No more shuttle sprints, no more laps of the field and no more gigantic training matches to leave you breathless and bored.
How Does it Work?
ESPZEN senior training programs include specifically designed SSG’s (Small Sided Games) that maximise participation regardless of natural ability.  The competitive environment improves soccer specific fitness without the arduous training methods of old while the constant involvement develops the technical and tactical player.
Technical & Tactical training, ball mastery and a relentless game-play environment will sharpen your appetite for the game, improve your contribution to any match that you play and work your fitness without the use of a treadmill.



When & Where?
Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 9:00PM to 11:00PM @ Turf City, centrally located at the Centaurs Astro Turf Pitch opposite Giant Supermarket. Probably the best located pitch in Singapore, off Dunearn Road / Bukit Timah Road.  Thanks to the astro turf field, regardless of weather, the training will always take place. Free parking, showers, changing facilities, food court all available.
Sign up today for the 10 session package worth SGD$220.00 or Pay-as-you-Play at SGD$30.00 per session. No Registration fee required.
Who Can Sign Up?
Our training is open to football enthusiasts, from 18 years old and above, from beginners to advanced. We will match groups of players of similar abilities / age at the pitch when breaking out into the small sided games.
How Do I/We Sign Up?
If you would like to confirm your place and take advantage of the early bird training fees, please email us with your interest and we will send you details of how to make payment.
About Us
ESPZEN training programs are designed and developed by senior coaching staff with international coaching experience.  We are committed to create a positive learning environment for players by integrating and utilizing all the latest coaching techniques and modern methodologies to develop fun but challenging sessions.  All our coaches are fully qualified by either UEFA, the FA or AFC.
Register today for the free trial and sample a new kind of football training.


Meet the Giant-slayers of Manchester United in Singapore on the 24th July!

Burnley Football club, whose stunning victory over Manchester United rocked the English Premier League last season, is to visit Singapore from 18th to 25th July for their preseason training and to compete for the inaugural FIS Asian Challenge Cup. ESPZEN is proud to be an official supporting partner of the Claret's pre-season tour to Singapore and will like to encourage all ESPZEN members to go to the game.

Full Story >>

ESPZEN Supports SCC Soccer Sixes

ESPZEN, as a supporting partner to the SCC Soccer Sixes recommends all teams, and friends and family take time to visit the SCC soccer sixes this weekend (10th April @8am) at the Padang. 16 local and international teams will be competing to be crowned Soccer Sixes Champion 2010.

Full Story >>

ESPZEN To Fly the 'Kick It Out' Flag in Singapore

ESPZEN has received approval from the Kick It Out organisation (Kick It Out is UK football's anti-racism campaign) based in the UK to fly their flag in Singapore. ESPZEN whole heartedly endorses this campaign given ESPZEN leagues bring together 2,600 players from all over the world (our last count was over 30 different nationalities) every week to play amateur football.

Full Story >>

The World's First Game of Football on a Floating Platform

ESPZEN Pte Ltd is excited to announce that on Sunday 15th February 2009, ESPZEN will be organising the first ever official football games on the world's only floating football platform.

Full Story >>
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